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Welcome to 4Vendeta

If you want to play in our server follow these steps !

1.Download the Aion 2.7 client from Here, or use
NCSoft launcher to get the lastest version of aion (EU) ( if you haven't it.
2.Download and install 4Vendeta Aion Launcher in your aion folder !

3.Start the launcher and enjoy!

*If you start the game and it's closed after 5-10 seconds without reason ,you must download DirectX and to install it and all will be OK !

Server rates:
Exp (npc, player)  = x5
Group Exp = x10
Quest Exp = x5
Quest Kinah = x10
Drop = x10
Gathering Exp = x5
Crafting Exp = x5
Ap gain (quest, player, npc) = x5
Ap loss = x5

Player commands:
.mcheck - Checks all LOCKED missions for start conditions immediately And starts them, if conditions are fulfilled.
.noexp - Activate or deaktivate experience rewarding.
.questauto - complete automaticly quests. (currently disabled)
.faction - send message to all players from your faction.
//gmlist - shows online gms.
//dropinfo - shows drop information of your target.

Radio Calendar

Hi players, we want to introduce our radio event calendar. In it you can check when will an greetings block (date and time) occur. If you want to greet someone with a song, you can do that by logging into our IRC Radio Channel on the given time from the calendar.

Links: Listen to the Radio | Radio calendar | Radio IRC Chat

Posted on 6 Apr 2012 17:48 PM by Thundergod

Website downtime...

All players will get 150 VPS for our website downtime.
Thank You for your patience and keep support us.

Posted on 27 Mar 2012 17:06 PM by Alex

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